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guess the

ngyu, and then wash rice

porridge, while saying: "leading a poor almost gone, whyMBT Shoes Clearance   not buy? I'm not at home these days , was not any good to eat,

right? come and help me light a fire. "talking to the burner position, to bring back the snacks on hand he said:" The snack

bar. "and then out of the kitchen, outside the house of the pack up.
    Hanhan back soon. Han Han used to live in the village temple land, the temple is not only broken, but very small, only

about three meters deep, two meters wide, leaving the entire back wall as the door, the winter cold to death, due in summer

afternoon Most of the time to go in the sun room, so Zhang Feng Han Han is happy to live in the house, but he only came at

night to sleep during the day and still waited at the temple, because when people all need help to find him there.
    Zhang Feng asked him to dinner, Han Han said no, people eat very full today. Zhang Feng will be divided to give him two

pieces of cake, Han Han greedily looking at the hands of dim sum, said: "I have never tasted so good eating it, thank Zhang

sister. Hey, so good-looking really makes it hard to eat . "mouth said want to eat, a snack ran into his stomach had gone.
    After dinner, with Changyu Zhang Feng and rice to the village to buy firewood, the two talking while walking, Zhang Feng

Zhang Yu asked to dinner on time, do not be too frugal, but also heard about some see in the Kuo funny, amused laugh all the

way Changyu.
    "Do not worry sister, you know? Do not worry about the money, you have to carry, do not get sick to eat more, grow up

quickly, so you grow up, then no one would dare let a bully!" Zhang Feng arms around Changyu shoulder exhorting.
    "Ah." Zhang Yushun from the ground to be with, "Sister, do you copy a book to help me again, and I want to learn more

words, the future like you when the nunnery."
    Zhang Feng according to his head struck a note, Xiao Ma said: "You child, head long paste, right? People do when the

nunnery! To know host family as a servant of life and death are just saying things, not only to any were sent, had to either

play any curse, not to say that they can not point out mistakes, mistakes that owners, slaves must be punished, do you think

nunnery is a daily look at writing to write, eat, drink accompanied master it? dreaming you! little fool. "
    Changyu collapse under the face of guilt, said: "My fault, but for my treatment, my sister would not eat such bitter."
    Zhang Feng rubbed his face, his cool, said: "Do not worry, your sister I am so smart, will not eat a lot of hardship,

will say a year, next time I'll be home at New Year, when my sister With your well-off! "
    "What is fairly well-off?" Changyu ask out of curiosity.
    "Well-off society is a better life, do not worry about the feed themselves."
    Changyu nodded seriously and said: "Sister, I will be forced fairly well-off."
    No village shop to buy things we should ask a home, but every time you buy something, they are all first ladies house Xu,

Xu couple are very industrious and thrifty, so how much will be some surplus at home, they put out the price comparison fair,

and as long as some of his family, whether their own or else to use, they usually buy it for her, not starting a home when

the ladies from Guotai Shu and Guo will try to, or spend effort going to get, or with a lower price to buy, or simply do not

use it more difficult.
    Zhang Feng fancier was getting dark, and things to be back Xutai Shu Zhang, Zhang Feng Xie no thought had to pack two

pieces of cake for him to come back.
    Zhang Feng spent the night at home the next morning, Zhang Yu Guo her to the door before finally back.
Death of fashion
    Zhang Feng Guo Qi came to a small courtyard, the Guoqi was walking out behind him followed by a wine waiter, Shi Jian and

a servant carrying a burden.
    Zhang Fengan quiet stand at the door waiting for him in the past, Guoqi see Zhang Feng, dissatisfied, said: "how it will

be back? Go for sets of clothes to go out with me."
    Zhang Feng embarrassing, said: "The only villain clothes."
    Guoqi frowned, and sent him out of the wine waiter, said: "get her dress put on, hurry up!"
    Zhang Feng busy Sommelier pulled into the house, for a similar head and Zhang Feng servant said: "The snow, brought to

you by the clothes she is wearing what, Musical waiting, hurry up!"
    Some snow is not willing to be a cry and ran back to his quarters holding the hands of a dark green linen, Zhang Feng,

bitterly and said: "Wearing care points, ah, you wore out to lose!"
    Zhang Feng said thanks and took to go out into the body kits, white wine waiter at her frustration: "The not so wear out

better than at home, dress bulging will be a joke, you go to the cotton clothes off behind the screen, to put this, a little

faster, or keep up with the. "
    Zhang Feng Huanhaoyifu, holding cotton clothes trembling out from behind the screen, Sommelier grabbed her clothes and

said: "Go quickly, if at the gate did not see the Musical, go out into the east of chasing, running Come on! "said a push in

her back.
    Zhang Feng ran away, but fortunately, Guo Qi did not go too far, and the donkey's feet range is not too fast, Zhang Feng

out effort to escape, did not take long to catch up Guoqi.
    Actually, I'm all the way to catch how cold Jingan slow, but wait until the place, a bend beneath cold may die, it does

not out of the first month, which only bear to wear two layers of unlined ah! In particular, have stood the ground in the

    "Shi Jian, do not you cold? I think a quick freeze to death." Zhang Feng whispered.
    Shi Jian disdain to look askance at her, "You're not a beggar it? This point could not bear the cold are, how you used to

spend the winter?"
    Zhang Feng was Yede speechless and had to divert attention.
    A gang of boys and girls shuttle in Merlin, the Yi Mei fluttering, veil flying, posture limp District Council, really

incredibly beautiful, but this weather dressed like that, they are not cold it? Zhang Feng very puzzled, so could not help

but ask Shijian.
    "There is immortality to eat, certainly not cold." Shi Jian Township, with a look at it guys looked at her.
    "So it is. ... ... That your house is not small, I mean his MBT Shoes son to eat that thing?" Zhang Feng asked.
    "That thing? That was good stuff! If you have teeth 'thing' will not have to shake into it! Han do not know yet but likes

sample loading. Among other things, you see the owner who control their own son's name ? to know the self-righteous! "Shi

Jian Zhang Feng with contempt in the eyes looked a very subtle and kicked her foot, said:" Stand ready! lost langjun the

face, back there by the Hello! Humph! "
    Shi Jian curses people, but still maintained a respectful attitude and spirit and to punch the Zhang Feng to know he is

not threatened themselves, quickly follow the example of efforts to Shijian station looks like a good servant, while slowly

moving to Shijian behind.
    "Zhang Feng! You dare let me wind it for you!" Shijian teeth whispered.
    "I, I whispered to my qualifications than you, you should stand behind the station." Zhang Feng teeth in the name of war

behind him said.
    Half an hour later the guy gang to life the beauty finally back to the room, but Zhang Feng and Shi Jian and other

followers of the people would only stay in the porch, while the ground is much better than the wind is still cold.
    Guoqi wine hand, beauty in the side, Yoshitomo as partners, Yan Yan Yan laugh, tell the agreeable nature is happy,

servants Well, who do not need time to think of them?
    Soon the banquet, but also some fun. Dinner stop, like a young peacock gang started talking, then Guoqi said: "I have a

guessing game, very interesting, of you want to hear one?"
    Liu Yu-proprietor of today is a lively look young, he smiled and said: "Kai, you recently came up with a lot of new ways

Oh, the last pass to spend the drums pretty good, this time what is it?"
    Guo Qi smiled, said: "be a riddle. You zero to nine in the selected three random numbers, what goes without saying that

out, and then calculated by the following steps: the first number is multiplied by two; with five; by to five; plus the

second number; multiplied by ten; add a third number. as long as you tell me the final thanks to a number, I can guess what

you pick three numbers. do not believe it of you can try a try. "
    A simple and honest young face, said: "Well, I will try." Having a moment to say a number silent operation: "four hundred

and sixty."
    Guoqi only slightly pondered a moment, he confidently said: "You choose the first number is two, the second number is the

third number is zero, yes and no?"
    The man said: "Yes."
    Then almost everyone curious tried again, Guo Qi can easily guess who each set of figures, only one person said Guoqi

guess wrong, Guoqi said that his calculation is certainly wrong, so he re-counted, really is considered wrong.
    At this time it was requested Guoqi exposed the mysteries, Guo Qi refused, grinning please find his own answers, Liu Yu

said: "He is not easily revealing the answer, usually when the puzzle is always a disadvantage, which Back to the great

difficulty taking it every one a chance to shame before the snow, he will be unwilling to let go of it! "
    Guo Qi smiles: "It is! I can be proud today of a return, if necessary, while more than proud."
    A young handsome looks warm gentle voice said: "I never thought Guoxiong also quite proficient on the mathematics, I do

not know what steps to change, Guoxiong can guess whether?"
    Guoqi Somewhat taken aback, but immediately smiled and said cheerfully: "That may not be a. The problem is my nunnery

operator said to me, and occasionally think of that add to the fun out of it, in fact, younger brother of the key issues in

this calculation do not quite understand. He seems to have insight into the younger brother brother trick, please be

highlighted in the key to solving problems? "
    Although seen some inkling He Jian, but did not want to do next Baiguo Qi is, of course, can not give us a clear

explanation, so faint smile, said: "I have described as ignorant of mathematics, what is the key to how the knower? Of

course, Guoxiong for me to ask such doubts. "
    Some people urged: "Guoxiong, you quickly come to the point."
    Guo Qi said the sound is good, was about to reveal the answer, someone to stand up suddenly: "I know, I know! Minus the

hundred and fifty!"
    Guoqi laughed: "Brother, or Shen smart, just that." And then briefly explain a lot, all of a verification, is really the

case, some people said: "The Mongolian people take it in future, but also taste Guoqi Today the scenery. "foes more than

    The brother named Shen Shen Austria is playing the day before shooting in the review of advice Kuo people, who stubborn

nature, and some unkind and he pulled Guoqi said: "I had just result in several sets of figures inferred, but it is only know

but not the why, but please Guoxiong this problem solving process. "Guoqi of handsome young man said, he apparently did not

    Guo Qi had no choice but to explain to him about it, Shen Austria asked: "I do not know your nunnery method it?"
    Guo Qi said: "This I had not much to ask, you know I'm not interested in mathematics, that can play, no one thought to

get to the bottom, Shen brother is interested, I sent for her to ask good . "
    In fact Guoqi not that want to know that "why they" just had no time to fine to ask, then forgot, actually they do not

believe that he can know so much about Zhang Feng, so I did not even played to her the idea of ??solving this call to ask

when Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng also was not able to answer that, but only fills the easy way, because it stubbornly together

Shen Austria is a headache.
    Zhang Feng keep in mind not to lose face told the owner, who calmly walked into the house power, but it paid to her nose

and red, glowing skin, bruising, body kept Dousuo miserable appearance, no matter how calm nearly as good Generosity to.
    Wonderful face'd see her, and she worried about his shiver if afraid of being mistaken, in that case no doubt will Guoqi

no face, but she was not any way to make they do not tremble, had a come in to explain.
    "Zhang Feng seen you Husband." She tried to figure rightly saluted, control and lower teeth on the fight, as far as

possible consistent that "weak villain, they wear less clothes, so shivering with cold , rude son of the Office also hope you

forgive me. "
    Guoqi saw her pay look like this, somewhat good-looking face, frowning: "Since the cold, why not put on more?"
    Zhang Feng dare say anything else? Can only say that they did not expect to be so cold outside. Juvenile gang looked at

this awkward little nunnery, some laugh, some contempt, was sympathetic, but could not wait to ask Austria Shen words, Zhang

Feng know he was seen the day before yesterday who Kuo Shen stubborn pedantry Austria, Shen will salute the son called out,

others are surprised by her call, Shen Austrian totally do not care, just ask her know that guessing the solution of

problems, see Zhang Feng nodded, then took her to one of several case, let her tell yourself to listen.
    Zhang Feng look like over the Guoqi, only slightly surprised to see him, but did not mean angry, relieved to explain it

to sink Austria.
    Zhang Feng Shen told Austrian paper by listed, guess the number of questions that road would provide a clear

manifestation of the mystery out of crowd of Cheap MBT Shoes people came to understand new light but also can not help but Zhang Feng, have

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the two were

the sound of a hand knocked over the bedside lamp MBT Shoes Clearance glass, drew a thrilling ring to accompany the night outside the green warbler.
"Miss, Miss! You this is how it? Come on man! Lady give birth to it!"
For a time, her maid, dad, oldest maternal aunt, doctor, steady po ... ... coming and going, turns out ... ...
"But to be born?"
"But Miss Shen oxytocin eat herbs?"
"Ai ... wonderful children ..."
"Miss, faster, harder!"
... ...
Fortunately, that pain at first, but fits and starts to run over, the more appalling after, like someone holding an ax splitting my living, but also volatile like the black and white are tied I took a drag chain

Me, straight to fall ... ...
I stared at the top of the curtains, looked lost in the glare of that light sometimes vague and sometimes dangling, vaguely felt when they were about becoming immortal, heard "wow!" Slamming dawn crying.
Lantern round? Hemolytic financial?
"Congratulations, Miss Shen Miss He Xichen! Students is a small son!" That woman face Youdai blood stable, happy ear to ear, carefully hold a mass of small, usually soft cotton wet Mariko into

I managed to reach out and touched his face with your fingertips, hairy, it seems some charm, is, I did and did not want to, it's round eyes closed suddenly moved, call me curious coincidence

To an ear that will see the light after a mole ... ...
"Hold out to my father look at it." I cough a cough, a hoarse voice may open an even I was scared of the jump.
"Yes yes yes, Laoshen'll go. Miss Shen well be subject to post-natal training physically weak." Stable woman that had me, holding a small round Le Diandian will be out in the car.
"Mother and child safe! To Andrew Bennet, they congratulate you for oldest maternal aunt!"
Oldest maternal aunt while they jump for joy, twitter rushes do not know what to say, only to hear my father Shengruhongzhong opening pressure had Morohito said: "Look at this little look! How small Degen did not pack stuffing stars

Dumpling-like! "
Stable woman smiled, "Shen master Moji, small son born in August better than those full-term children naturally bigger in size, said seven people have a live eight is not active, Laoshen This time the odds are against us thought, not a

Miss Shen Jiren own days to the phase, even students than those in term of people are still smooth, presumably little son is a lucky star be the reincarnation, the subsequent careful conditioning, raised some heads will not lose to others. "
"Ok!" Daddy woman listening to some tongue Can Lotus stability, it seems very happy, readily said: "a reward! Reward everyone today! Chen Po but also to generous rewards!"
"Thank you, master Shen, thank Shen master!" Stable woman hastened to thank a string of children.
Then they heard a burst of "crackling" sound Zhentian Lei, presumably oldest maternal aunt, that, when outside the gate firecrackers to celebrate. I have Juanji, rain, the fireworks actually felt that a child your mother in the bed pan very hum

The minor, Needless while, they stumbled open eyes, falling into a black sweet Township.
I do not know to sleep for a long time, in pitch darkness seems to dream of being a man, when I was ill with the usual general, do not sleep through the night to lean on the bed, from time to time hand gently stroked my cheek, imitation

Equalization of the Buddha that can touch the pain my body, "I told you suffer ... ... the future, for you are like me, get back to the same, it really good?" Is not high not low no haste slowly fall asleep without the sound delay

, S real ... ...
I have slept hungry and wake up again until the time of eye opening, the sun had climbed Mid-high, green warbler is tiptoed softly hanging curtains in the shade.
I swallowed pharyngeal voice, on her: "Hold on, I'm a bit hungry, you go to eat with me some."
Green Orioles back saw I woke up happy and said: "Miss, you can wake up, it will have to sleep on the 2nd, big oldest maternal aunt was said, and then wake up you have to pinch your arm, cried, fearing lady hungry, which

No, just sent the meal table, are also hot go again. "
I got up and turned to pending, it might see a pillow placed end to end is not near as big pillow of small glutinous rice balls, little face hands, arms and legs of small children, sipping mouth delicate to sleep with eyes closed faction is Lianmei

Sven Xiang Ning. Told I could not help the hearts of aMBT Shoes UK  itch, scratch a scratch to his hand, but also feel that this may seem unethical, sitting Ascension for a while, we might hear one side of the Green Warbler laugh in spite of himself,

"Master Sun slept better than less, Miss, Miss To hold, while energy use only hold a good meal."
I think, also, then half sat up, green warbler with a child care food tables will be put placed on the bed, never been hungry for so long, I eat a very joyous moment, even the usually too greasy in the eastern slope

Yo are eating pork was fragrant.
While eating, while listening to the side of the Green Warbler scoop soup in my ear while Xu Xu, third son no matter what ailments in the body despite the night they have a car drove up they sit, uncle and master even the coach did not sit altogether,

Is a triad ran myself, and passing lament the third son born do not know what was wrong, and a look of virtual white, walking feet have some soft-floating, but also said how the uncle how to master riding whip as fast as wind

Lightning valiant, but unfortunately, I heard my father did not let Jin a garden, are blocked in the Hua Ting, the polite two Zhancha Syria would have sent back.
I listened to the so-called little, the right to be present rice dishes to eat into the stomach.
Recuperate a few days, not eating all day is sleep in, if it is a rare occasional rice balls who can make him wake up to a funny, I have been going into a block of tofu Mende had. Just saw the weather outside today,

And no wind, then egg on a small garden oldest maternal aunt helped me to get some fresh air.
March smelling fragrant flowers all the way, I slowly moved forward to step aside while rolling Lianpian oldest maternal aunt from time to time in the small gap in the gossip bit long-winded plug in an "Oh." "Ah?" "Ah!" Behind

, Holding the dumpling every step along the Green Warbler.
Shen said that closing South Park Spring do not fall off, Shen generations of real money to drop in this garden, the quest for the number of skilled craftsmen to repair out of the garden, can not beautiful? Of course, I thought I

U.S. homes are down with that child what is not quite spring flora, the most beautiful place in the Taihu is scattered, walking the meantime, a kind of sense of the quiet winding streets.
However, not only do not want to pass today's Labyrinth "quiet", but also links to the Dragon.
Being around a rockery corridor, they ran into the face of Doutou distinguished Dingding His Majesty the Emperor, hear the side of the father rebuked: "The bold! Any panic driving?"
Oldest maternal aunt and the Green Warbler already scared immediately knelt down, I kneel down pending, but understand that God Long live the kind of a chuckle: "This is not the Miss Shen it? Free gift, all get up."
"Damn the daughter, collision of the Majesty, His Majesty also look indulgences." I am blessed Fook.
"Oh, I see the good side spur of the moment the weather today to swim Shen Park, but just arrived, blame the Miss Shen, is the crime there." Smiling face close to the people of His Majesty the Emperor, and the lake that day, see if the two sub-

I was not looked up and saw behind him was accompanied by a team in, is a My Dad, and Pei, Song three, Well, there is a Ruhuasiyu girl, not the other one, it was that day I Daming

Temple had the edge on both sides of the pretty girl is staring at two slipped round eyes looking at me.
"This child is ... ...?" The eyes of His Majesty the Emperor and the oldest maternal aunt in one fell swoop over me and landed on the green warbler arms dumpling who die false false open sideways like to ask Daddy.
"Is Caomin have a few days ago a new grandson. Called Majesty laughed." Daddy replied.
The emperor one o'clock suddenly realized: "Oh, that would be like to congratulate Shen Qian had."
"Do not deserve it do not deserve it, thank His Majesty." If dad's temperament according to weekdays will laugh, holds many lessons to cope with it so uncommunicative courtesy true sons of the dragon must have called Daddy Biequ bad.
"Hold back I look."
I much eye lift of Song, Pei Yan Chen eyebrows Organisation of the Organisation.
"Yes." Green Orioles went to the dumpling Long live the Lord, holding up to look. But see that the emperor had a dumpling Tiaomei askance, cool said: "What a carved Yuzhuo baby powder." That look, that tone,

How to listen to how a trace of disdain for the sour stock, I wondering, yes, will be jealous! Although His Majesty the Emperor Sannomiya six homes, heard so far in addition to the five princess prettily half a male heir of the shadow also

Which were not, although I think that baby girl was better, but the emperor of the house better than the civilian population, holds many lessons for common people to see a man get home in one fell swoop, nature is to have a trace of jealousy.
"Your Majesty Miuzan." Daddy replied.
"But a name?" Long live the Lord see that posture seems to be way down the name of the gift, I am busy: "The children Minghuan Shen Xiao."
"Shen Xiao ... ...?" His Majesty the Emperor will be a general word pull long noodles, looking sank said: "When the sky by storm Teng. Good and momentum of a name, ah ~?"
Uh ... ...
"His Majesty the fear of misunderstanding, not the clouds of heaven, is the Lantern Festival night." Daddy calmly explained. Because the doll looks like a dumpling is a little vain, in fact, Zoe had a small informal Daddy

Section of the temper, maybe he called "Shen Yuan", and fortunately I took a turn, not that the Lantern dumpling Well, dad a hit it off, then naming "Shen Xiao."
Heard this, His Majesty the Emperor had just slowly looking a relief, said: "Lantern? Good name, even is, and music." I do not know is not the dumplings look like sleeping with eyes closed lightly tease Xing from his son, and sees his moment

The rise of a finger touched the little face the rice balls, rice balls are sleeping face have been well-behaved, but now a pair of black eyes suddenly open, usually a dog will be placed on the mouth of the dragon claws to suck into the mouth

, The fast and accurate.
Scared of everyone present, and a thump through the two were kneeling down.
"Bold children! Dare to bite the emperor!" Accompanied by that pretty girl in red look up, is a rightly directed at Nuchi dumpling, rice balls, thud, thud of Liang Chi long eyelashes, and then

Times Enron dream, the girl QiaolianCheap MBT Shoes  green, turned around and took out his handkerchief and handed one Emperor, "Huang Xiong, may have blood?"

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